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The Yacht Crew Coach

Coaching for Captains and Crew

 About Capt.Coach

Hi, I'm Rob Gannon and I started this service after 25 years as an active captain and charter boat business owner. A few years ago, I sold my boat, business and everything else in the islands. I was ready for some changes. Life was calling me in a new direction. I became a Certified Life and Wellness Coach and decided to offer this service to the yachting community and I'm really excited about it !

I'm back in sunny Florida and I still enjoy teaching sailing and doing an occasional delivery but coaching, writing my column for The Triton and speaking are my life purpose now.

All my experience and interests have led me to this place. It all makes sense. It all fits.

It can be a demanding and lonely life out there on the yachting circuit. So I believe the time has come to offer coaching to the yachting professional and there is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come !

I have worked with my own coach, so I know first hand the benefits and what it feels like to work with a coach. I needed help to figure out what to do after my life in the Caribbean. I figured it out with a coach. I wish it was around 20 years ago. Our industry probably wasn't ready for it. I know its ready now. Coaching is exploding and helping people from all professions around the globe.    

The last 8 years I have immersed myself in the coaching process, getting my coaching certification and studying psychology, philosophy, the nature of thought and human behavior. I've learned from the brilliant minds , the great teachers, past and present. I've seen how much we can do if we just get clear and get focused on the right things,blocking out all the static and nonsense. We will do that, together. We will take an honest assessment, move forward, have fun and enjoy the process if you are ready.

  Are you ready ? If so, I am here for you.

 " People, like yachts, need to move, have a float plan and a good navigation system"